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Brand design and Custom Games

Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Design

Workz is a Copenhagen-based change agency. Specialisingin change management, leadership development, learning, and the design of game-based tools for involvement and training.

Workz' multi-disciplinary team helps our clients communicate a clear strategic direction, build commitment and ownership, and enable action by providing the right competencies, tools, and structures.

Workz' consultancy services and award winning tools are used globally by industry leaders within a number of sectors, including finance, service, pharmaceuticals, biotech, food, IT, energy, engineering, and shipping.

During my 7+ years at Workz I helped with shaping many of the custom games, tools & graphics.

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Better institutions with the
help from gaming

Workz collaborated with RealDania and Erhvervs og Byggestyrelsen to create a game that focused on how to build better institutions. I was in charge of the graphics, layout of boardgames, gamebox design, cards, icons etc.

Through my time at Workz i created custom board games from several international and national companies.

The game Connected in use. All rights Workz A/S

Red Cross Game. All rights Workz A/S

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