Brewing up a new
coffee identity.

Brand Identity

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The brandname comes from the word presta. The Presta valve (also called Sclaverand valve or French valve) is a valve commonly found in high pressure road style and some mountain bicycle inner tubes.

Presta is a classic café mainly serving coffee and anything high on caffeine. Besides serving coffee, the café is also a cycling-hub for cyclist to meet-up and talk about good cycling trips. The café would also have (in honour to the vintage feel) physical printed maps in the highest quality uncoated paper. For the more tech savvy the maps would also be linked up on Strava under the Presta brand. As I cycle a lot and I feed of coffee this was a passion-project for me.

Vintage meets modern.

When developing this brand, I looked through tons of photos. What fascinated me was vintage photography of race-cyclist and Tour de France legends. All these vintage photos inspired me to go for a vintage approach but with a modern twist. The colours are faded earth tones . The typography is mainly calligraphy, serif style fonts but with modern style of illustrations.

Vintage feel, modern design

Alongside serving coffee the café would also sell limited edition t-shirts, all wrapped in Presta custom wrapping paper and neatly placed in Presta paper bags. I also designed tote bags, postcards, loyalty cards, carrier bags and stickers.

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