Training at work
through gaming.

Movement Bingo
Custom Game Design

Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Design, gaming

The Municipality of Copenhagen wanted to dedicate more time for their employees to exercise more. The idea with Movement Bingo was to create motivation  to exercise at work in a different way through play and competition. If the training stops, the game can be used to push the participation. You can also use the game in other ways - like an energy booster for common breaks, for meetings or similar situations.

I worked on the layout and directed the illustration style on cards, gameboards and made the layout of the box and game-manual.

We worked closely with the good people in Municipality Copenhagen, and an experienced coach. We made 25 custom cards with unique character design. The characters are shown on the game boards and playing cards, clearly showing how to do the exercise the right way.


Solid box


Custom illustrations




Cover pieces

Movement Banko is played like ordinary bank or lottery. A counselor draws an exercise card, reads the instruction and completes the exercise with the participants.

The one who has the exercise puts a piece. The first one who has a row or a whole plate full cries banko and winner. Can be played by 5 to 30 people. Or more if you share a plate. Can also be used in other ways: Draw an exercise - where you will be switched to show an exercise Exercise program - or heating Energizer for meetings

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