Informing citizens
in Helsingør.

Informing citizens
in Helsingør.

Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Design, Storytelling

To inform tourists and the citizens about the ongoing renovations and transformations around Helsingør and Kronborg, I designed the information stands that was strategically positioned around the Harbour. I designed a few different styles to best portray all the information. The final design was a triangle design.

Attracting sailing tourist and hosting concerts, open air theatre and much more.

The project links Helsingør City with the castle and opens up the city to the sea. This was done through the Shipyard Square and the extended King’s Quay. The area also houses the Culture Yard and M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark.

1. Moving the crane like a pro.

2. Getting the concrete base.

3. Loading off the panels from the truck.

4. Assembling the box.

5. Making sure everything is level.

6. Finishing touches to the box.

A project with many collaborators.

Culture Harbour Kronborg is realized in partnership between Realdania, Helsingør Municipality and Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties. This has been done in collaboration with landscape architect Jeppe Aagaard Andersen.

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