Better integration
with games.

Municipality Copenhagen
Integration Conference

Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Design

Copenhagen Municipality has had an integration policy to ensure that citizens with a different ethnic background than danish have the same opportunities as everyone else. To spark the discussion on how to do it Workz helped with orchestrating this. It was decided to host an integration conference at Nørrebro.

For this event I helped with the design of the dialogue tools. We designed two round gameboard that were simple in order for everyone to be able to follow each step.

The yellow boardgame is the first step. Here the participants define the challenge an the problem

Participants caught in a focused moment, working on the custom made boardgames.

The blue boardgame is the second step. Here the participants define the solution to the problem. Everything is done in compliance with the Brand Guidelines of Municipality Copenhagen.

The integration going forward.

The Integration policy for 2015-2018, Copenhagen Municipality focuses on social mobility and cohesion. Copenhagen must be a city in which more "Copenhageners" are in employment and education, and where more people live a healthy and active life.

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