Exceptional coffee

Hammeken Beans Co.
Brand Design

Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Design, Storytelling

Hammeken Beans Co. started in a one-room apartment. One coffee roaster machine and one passionate founder. Hammeken Beans Co. imports coffee from Guatemala, Brasil, Sumatra and Uganda and roasts the coffee in Denmark. Eventhough Hammeken Beans Co. is a young company it has big plans for the future. Hammeken Beans Co. wants to do things a little different than the rest of the industry in the way they roast the coffee and thereby create other flavours.

Website will come later this year.

Website mockup and UX made in Sketch App. The idea is to create a mix of a blog/lifestyle website with a built-in shop.

Character design for Hammeken Beans Co.

Each country-of-origin has its own character, that is able to support any collateral that has to do with the specific country. e.g when buying coffee from Ethiopia, the character would appear in thank-you-cards etc.

Noisy, Rock and Roll look and feel to push products off the shelves.

In collaboration with Hammeken Beans we created a more young and noisy approach and a visual identity that stands out from the crowd.

By making label that are vibrant and playful we wanted the packaging to be visible on the shelves.

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