Beauty in the
heart of Copenhagen.

Logo and Stationary Design

Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Design

The owner/founer of EYS (Embrace Your Skin) aproached me in 2011 to get some help with the initial brand identity and the development of a logo. As EYS is a classic beauty and personal care salon it was important for the owner to capture that feeling. I created a simple logo with subtle toned colours to underline an aesthetic and calm feeling.

EYS is the result of several years of motivated and targeted work in the area of beauty and personal care.

Subtle non-invasive use of colours, for the signage.

EYS light red
C0 / M24 / Y18 / K0

In print the combination of coloured, uncoated papers, a generous amount of unprinted space, a limited white and light red ink choice  establishes a distinctive classic and contemporary contrast.

Light red
C0 / M24 / Y18 / K0

Light yellow
C0 / M13 / Y79 / K0

C0 / M0 / Y0 / K0

C26 / M65 / Y32 / K60

Cool Grey
C0 / M0 / Y0 / K16

Dark Grey
C0 / M0 / Y0 / K70

Embrace your skin is located on Nybrogade in beautiful surroundings and historic premises in the center of Copenhagen and offers everything within beauty treatments for him and her.

The website is under construction.

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