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The owner of Drymatech contacted me to help him with branding for his new business.Drymatech specializes in eliminating basements which has problems with moist and fungus. With the Drymat System electric spears are drilled into the wall pushing out impulses that leads water away.

The task for me was to illustrate the technique and describe the system in folders on the web etc. I also helped with logos, typography and colours.

The website will be updated in 2019.

Website mockup and UX made in Sketch App.

Sleek simple

The Drymate solution is far cheaper than the conventional methods that are on the market, because it requires no digging. Eventhough its the "cheaper" alternative it was important to convey that the solution is modern and functions like a Premium Brand. That why we chose dark, elegant colours.

Explaining through illustration

Some of the solutions that Drymatech offers are really clever but also needs some supporting images in order to understand what the solutiuon actually does. Therefore we decided on an illustration approach to easily get the full overview of the solution and what it covers.

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