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brand to culture.

Join the growth

Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Design, Storytelling

Arla hosted a Strategy Summit with the hashtag #JoinTheGrowth. During my time at Workz I was in charge of designing and making most of the collateral for this strategy day.

I was handed some initial designs from another agency which I had to stick to but further develop in terms of design. I came up with little cows as the storytellers which would appear at doors, slideshows, nametags and as the graphic on the round gameboards

For the main oval Dialogue Tool we drew and designed the cows in a continuous circular line that tells the story and the choices the participants was put in front of.
It was important to create a "handdrawn" look to make it a little more quirky to create a sense of playfulness and set a scene where the participants was allowed to play.

Join the growth numbers in short.

With the Strategy Summit a lot of different collaterals were created. Here are some rough numbers.


Dialogue tools


Different Collaterals



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