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Brand Experience, Brand Identity, Design, Storytelling, games

What does the future landscape of change, leadership and learning look like – and how do we prepare our leaders, organisations and colleagues for what lies ahead?

Each year Workz A/S hosts a conference which is a mixture of keynotes, talks and discussions, engaging workshops, and networking. There are cases from Scandinavia's leading companies and one intensive day of hands-on workshops, knowledge sharing and inspiring cases from organisations like Microsoft, Maersk, Bang & Olufsen, Nordea and the Royal Danish Defence College.

For 2015 the inspiration was Monopoly's
visual universe.

For 2015 the inspiration was Monopoly's visual universe but with a vintage feel. We landed on a new identity for the marketing day and a tone of voice that goes hand in hand with the core of gaming.

Monopoly is known worldwide and we wanted to create a visual universe that was respectful to the location Axelborg in central Copenhagen which is a beautiful place with veneer walls and marble floors. We spread out the visuals on everything from roll-ups, powerpoint presentations, poster, programme guides, name tags and an involving gameboards.

For 2016 we wanted to update the Danish Chronolgy from the magazine SKALK

For 2016 the location was The National History Museum. This time we wanted the theme to be focused on the danish national history. Through some research we found the Magazine SKALK which had a classic illustration of the danish history.

We translated that and made it Workz' own story. I was in charge of making the illustrations, and implementing the illustrations onto collaterals such as,  roll-ups, powerpoint presentations, poster, programme guides, name tags and an involving gameboard.


Unique characters, from egyptians, cavemen, pharaos, knights, kingsmen, soldiers, kings and professors.


Different Collaterals, like nametags, posters, roll-ups, gameboards, programme-leaflets, signage, invitations and give-aways.


Participants, from different places like Maersk, Novo Nordisk, Carlsberg, Arla, Municipality Copenhagen, Haldor Topsøe.

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